“I live as though the top is always down, and the leaves are all rainbows around me. The yellow ball illuminates the sky, and the blue blanket covers the trees. Oh what a beautiful day it is, inside my head. No negative voices, fighting to be said. A dream it is but come what may, this is how life would be my way.”

I am a married mother of two beautiful boys whose names both start and end with C. My husband and I have been married six years and live near Greenville, S.C., where we’re both from. I’m a professional writer and editor and constantly creative. Sometimes I need an outlet for my daydreams, my poetry, my ranting, my joys, my sorrows, my fears and my excitement. Most of all, I love my life and can’t believe it’s not a daydream.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Small world as my girlfriend and I were sitting behind you on the shuttle bus back to the airport, after this amazing weekend in the Riviera Maya for Phish. A friend who was not in attendance sent me your write-up on the weekend today. I started reading it and after a few clues like Big Cypress and where you are from I was like I think i met this person who wrote this! Great write-up as you put me right back in Mexico while reading it. Really captured the feel of the weekend. Anyhow just wanted to say hello and I share your post Mexican-show woes!

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