Planning a Weekend Staycation with C.

This weekend, Thursday actually, my husband is descending on a three-day/night camping trip with friends at the coast. it’s a guys’ getaway and one that I am sure will no doubt be memorable for them. As they celebrate a friends’ birthday on a deserted island, I know they will have a blast leaving their wives and children behind for a few days to probably act about the same age as they were when many of them met, grade school. All kidding aside, last year i was the mother of a two-month-old when this camping trip ensued. I rode down with my husband and stayed at my sister’s so I could have some help. Being a first-time mom with a two month old, a weekend alone seemed like an eternity to me so I needed help.

This year, i am actually looking forward to our weekend alone. One of my best friends is coming over for a girl’s night and pizza and movies. Saturday I’m hitting up the Farmer’s Market downtown to sample some good local food and music. Then hitting up the nearby park for some exercise and playtime with C. Later that day, going to C’s girlfriend’s house and my close friends’ house for some football and poker. Should be a great mix and busy day perfect for wiping out a 14 month old. Sunday we’ll go to church and I’m excited to check out the children’s museum in town. Apparently it’s the 10th biggest in the world and just 15 mins away!

As cheesy as it sounds, I’m looking forward to some uninterrupted time with my son and me. My husband I’m sure is looking forward to some uninterrupted time with his friends, as I think that is very healthy for a marriage and parenthood. I’m sure by Sunday i will be welcoming the help, esp since we don’t have much of a napper in our kid. But i’m finding myself looking forward to discovering all of the family-friendly places in town this weekend and checking them out. I’m not sure who will have more fun. As a mom, there is nothing more exciting than seeing something through your child’s eyes. Yesterday we had 10 mins of laughter about a light switch and how turning it off was so neat. It’s the little things like that that are so funny and i never would have expected.

i used to look forward to the weekends for sleep and late nights and intoxicated conversations. I probably still would look forward to that if that were my weekend agenda but having a child takes that away, at least on a regular basis. But now I’m finding myself enjoying this amazing weather and looking forward to the time my little chubby-yet-itty-bitty-boy and I can spend together. We’ll see after Sunday if all of my plans come to fruition. I might need to just spend some hours relaxing with him as well. But a girl can plan right?

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