Work it Girl!

Today was my eighth and final workout with Johan, my Swedish trainer. I was looking forward to our workout at lunch today and reflected on our previous seven sessions. I am happy about the progress I have made. As I entered the basement-level locker room (which is no fun to climb out of post-workout) I opened my locker in horror! I had forgotten my workout pants! Crap. I looked down at my jeans (Friday is jeans day in honor of Solid Orange Day) and thought to myself, do I skip the last workout? Do I ask to reschedule? Or do I just push through and work out in jeans.?

I knew Johan would not be able to fit me in next week since my month was up and he didn’t roll over sessions. So I figured I had to choose the latter.

I went to the workout space and started warming up in my jeans and T-shirt. Thankfully I had the right shoes and sports bra but still, I was an interesting juxtaposition next to those college girls in their barely-there leggings and sports bras that double as shirts. Here I was in an XL T-shirt and jeans, of all things, working out. Could I stick out any more?

Johan stared for a second at my denim option and said, “interesting,” and I gave him a look of “don’t ask.” “Guess we’ll do upper body again?” he asked. We had just completed a rigorous upper body set on Wednesday and I was kind of looking forward to resting my arms for at least three or four days. But that was not in the cards.

Thankfully my jeans had somewhat of a decent range of motion and I was able to do the warm up. We went over to the BOSU ball and I can hardly remember what transpired next. But somehow I was lifting more weight than I’d ever done in my life and my triceps were bulging. Take that skinny college girls! Johan recorded my weight amt on his 4-week-old paper. “Great job!” he said. Then we spent the next 45 minutes torturing my upper body. I was sure my triceps and shoulders would pop out of my skin at any minute. At one point my arms and brain just could not work together anymore and they fell down. “Mind over matter,” Johan said. We did 10 more reps. “Hold it 15 seconds on my count,” he said AFTER the 10 reps. Then he said if I fell off the BOSU I had to do 10 more reps. I thought to myself, “Work it girl!” Somehow my core was able to hold me up there bc every other body part was melting into one.

We finished off with some abs and core and planking work. The first day I held the plank for 23 seconds and today was about 80 seconds. The first day I was using 7.5 lb dumbbells for hammer curls and today did 12.5 weight for 45 reps. In a short time I could see the improvement.

But the best part was that our workouts did exactly what I set out to do, which was fall in love with the gym all over again. I could tell I missed working out on the days we weren’t doing it. I liked the way I felt even when it was sheer exhaustion. I like feeling strong and powerful, even if I am wearing jeans. Two of our sessions were at 6:45 in the morning. This was after I drove 30 minutes to get to the gym, meaning I was up before 6 a.m. This made me realized how committed I am. I’m hoping these workouts really did ignite something in me again. From now on, I will hear Johan in my ear everytime I think about not wanting to workout. He was polite but firm, encouraging but tough. Now, let’s just hope I can lift my toddler up tomorrow morning!

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