#WorkitOut100 100 Days to a Healthier Me!

Ive recently taken on a bold goal of training for another triathlon. It is 3.5 weeks away and i’m as nervous as i was the first time i did one back in 2006. I’ll be the first to admit my training has only been ramped up the last two months from 2-3 days a week to 4-5, and even more, this last month (5-6 days a week). So it may be a long shot that i even cross the finish line in 2 hours (the given time limit).

But the triathlon is more about an overall goal to be healthier than it is to do a fitness race, because let’s face it, i’m only shooting to cross the finish line. The competitor in me realizes i will be the fattest girl out there so i’m not trying to beat anyone. But oh well, you never know unless you Tri!

But because i know after the triathlon I will be very reluctant to want to work out (hence having the goal),  I’ve decided to simultaneously start another challenge as well, the #WorkitOut100 challenge. This is a challenge to work out 100 days in a row. It’s a pretty well-known initiative that I encourage people to look into. Obviously some days can be easier than others, so I’ll need those “rest” days to be a little easier (ab workout versus a 15-mile bike ride) But i’m thankful that my work makes it really easy to work out and I’ve met lots of people who enjoy working out so that i can have different people to join me on my journey.

Today’s workout was Zumba! Here’s to day 1 of 100!

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