Inspiration, Move Me Brightly

You never know where you’ll find inspiration. Sometimes it’s from something obvious, sometimes it’s from your child. Often it’s from your child. But other times it’s from a stranger’s story. Today was the latter. I read about a man whose daughter has CP and she can’t speak or walk. Her father isn’t even sure if she can see. She acts like a 3-month old and is a teen. Yet he loves her unconditionally, the way every parent does and should.

This man decided a few years ago to start competing in triathlons for his daughter’s sake. Since 2008 he has done over 70 races and swims pulling her in a kayak; bikes pulling her in a little trailer and runs pushing her wheelchair. As someone who has competed in triathlons, I know even doing one WITHOUT pulling or pushing someone else is a great feat. I could only ever imagine getting myself across the finish line, not another person. And yet, here is this man who said, “She is my heart. I am her legs.” That line moves me to tears. I feel that way sometimes about my own son, that he is at the heart of everything I do. But in this instance, this man literally is her legs and she provides the determination, or heart, for him to move. It’s amazing. I am inspired just reading his story and seeing his photos. I am inspired to be a better mother and wife and to never take my life for granted. Not because I don’t want to be in his situation or because like some might think, it could always be worse. But rather, to be able to live so openly and recognize what a joy and miracle life is, even for those who can’t talk., or walk, or see,. The father got involved in the race because he knew his daughter loved being outdoors and having the wind on her face. Knowing she probably can’t enjoy a good movie or song like you or I could, he does this to give her hours of wind in her face.

I wonder, what will I do to give others the wind in their face they so desire?

Team Maddy: Father and Daughter

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