Tough Love


My husband I have been blessed in so many ways. Most obvious is our gorgeous, amazing son C. Yes, every parent thinks their children are special, and yes, they are. But lately, we’ve had to practice tough love and deal with the fact that our son LOVES to read. Why is this a problem? Bc every night we read to him multiple books. I say goodnight moon at least two times a day, count dinosaurs, read about Milly and Tilly and can never remember which one is the country mouse and which one is the city one. And my son’s favorite book, When Will it Be Spring, asks the question from the perspective of a little bear bothering mama bear.

But now, when reading time is over, he does not want to stop. He throws a tantrum and screams. This is the only time we’ve ever encountered a tantrum and it’s hard knowing it’s not bc he is in pain, hungry, wet, tired (well sometimes he’s over tired) and we can’t make it better. But basically, it’s because he loves us and wants to play and be in our arms and hear our voices. How do you say no to that?

We know people who do not discipline their child and the kid walks all over them. We have seen people give in and I always said I would not be that person. I still stand by that, even though the screaming and wailing breaks my heart. Two nights ago it lasted 20 mins after we left him in the crib. Last night, it lasted five. I’m hoping tonight when my parents babysit, for their sake, it will be even shorter and he will fall asleep to them reading to him.

I’m sure this won’t be the first and last time we have to practice tough love. I wonder what other parents have done knowing it was for the good of the child but broke their heart at the same time. It’s so hard to say no to something that brings you so much joy! Doesn’t he know I want to stay up and read to him all night too?

One thought on “Tough Love

  1. I’m so happy you started this blog. I’ve always enjoyed reading the various things you’ve written and I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading about Cohen. BTW, Charlie was the same exact way about books. You’re doing the right thing with him and soon he will catch on that it’s time for bed and the crying will minimize. Hang in there!

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